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Easy Immediate Communication With Our Legal Team Members – Quick Responses and Guidance to Your Questions: Our biggest praise has been our communication with our clients always keeping them informed every step of the way. You will have direct communication with our Lawyer; Culver City Legal Team is available by email or phone 24/7. 


We are Aggressive for our Clients: Culver City legal team will insure our clients rights are upheld and are well informed of the laws pertaining to there matter. We will fight to make sure you get what you deserve under the laws of California.


Compassion: What sets Culver City Legal from other legal firms is our compassion for our everyday clients. Client satisfaction is our top priority, we are there for them every step of the way helping alleviate their troubles and serving our clients needs during those unfortunate difficult times. Our dedicated legal team will navigate you through the complex legal issues your facing. Contact Culver City Legal today – you’ll see why legal service is our passion.


Experience: Our substantial experience allows Culver City Legal to take a dynamic approach protecting the rights of our clients.


Technology: Using state of the art technology allows us to have constant communication with our clients and helps promote expedited claims. 


Free Attorney Case Consultation: Speak to our experienced Lawyer regarding your case for FREE. It is a common perception that you have to pay to speak with an attorney concerning a legal matter. Culver City Legal provides all of our potential clients with a free initial case evaluation pertaining to the matters of real estate, personal injury, or employment.


Skilled Landlord Tenant and Personal Injury Law Firm.

Steven A | Client

Very reliable Legal team! High recommended.

Paul S | Client

Instant Auto Accident assistant! Helped me with my accident the same day i contact them 🙂

Josh W

I was in a difficult situation and I was helped Immediately!

Donald C

Attorney David is very knowledgeable! Will definitely contact him again

Gloria K

Legal staff was very informative, helped me with my auto accident.

Sanda P

Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations. Culver City Legal was with me every step of the way

Maya A

Resolved my personal injury issues after involved in an accident. Can't thank Culver City Legal enough

Thomas P

Reliable Personal Injury Attorney. Recovered for me and got me what i deserve!

James B

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