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Personal Injury Lawyer - Recovery for Auto and All Personal Injury Related Matters

Culver City Legal California Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member have been in an accident resulting in injury due to the fault of another person’s negligence you deserve the right of representation. Culver City Legal has the essential experience aiding in personal injury claims against insurance companies, individuals, businesses, and government agencies. You and your loved ones have the right to heal in due time, the right to regain your life back to the way it was prior to the accident, and the right for Culver City’s Legal representation. Our dedicated team will guide you through every step of the way and get you the compensation you deserve. Injuries resulting in medical bills, loss of work, pain and suffering, physical injuries may entitle you to compensation. We are compassionate, experienced, and committed to our clients.

As Your Personal Injury Lawyer, You have:

Direct Attorney Communication

Free Telephone, Home or Hospital Consultation

Experienced Committed Legal Staff

No Win, No Fee

High success rate

Protected Rights


Full Disclosure

As Our Client, Your Rights to Recover are:

Medical Bills

Loss of Wages

Rehabilitation Expenses

Future Medical Bills

Loss of Future Income

Life Care Costs due to Disability

Punitive Damages

Cost of Medication

Hospitalization Costs

Personal Injury Cases:

Wrongful Death

Slip and Fall Accident

Premise Liability

Workplace Injuries

Construction Accident

Products Liability

Brain Injuries

Swimming Pool Accident

Serious Injuries

Sexual Abuse

Dog Bite Injury

Hotel Accident

Amusement Park Accident

Motor Vehicle Cases:

Car Accident

Truck Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Ridesharing (Uber/Lyft) Accident

Buss Accident

Bicycle Accident

Commercial Vehicle Accident

Boat/Ship Accidents

Plane Accident

Train Accident

Scooter Accident

Electric Vehicle Accident

Taxi Accidents

Steps To Follow When In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Whether it is a small accident or a major accident, it is very important to make sure you are not injured. In some instances you may not be able to feel extent of the injury until later because of the shock your body is in and in other scenarios you may not be able to move. These are step you and your loved ones should implement to help protect your health and your personal injury case:

  • Assess the Situation—Take a small amount of time to remain cool, calm and collective and assess the situation before following the remainder of the steps.

  • Safety is Priority— Make sure to check all surroundings, immediately distance yourself from all hazardous materials or damaged property. If it is an auto accident, move your self and your vehicle is possible away from hazards and on going traffic.

  • Check If you have sustained an Injury- Check for injuries on people who have been associated with the accident and assess if emergency services are required. In addition, if you you’ve been in an accident, go see your primary doctor immediately to be safe. Small injuries can result into long term expensive medical care.

  • Call the Police (911) Right Away—Have the officers create an official police report of the accident. Although sometimes these reports are inaccurate, a police report is always better to have as it is official documentation of the incident and is evidence to establish the other parties negligence and liability.

  • Document the Accident Yourself—Exchange contact information and insurance with all the other parties in the accident. Take detailed photos of the accident area and of all vehicles involved. In addition, take photos of your injuries, and all other damages or sufferings, which occurred. Document the time of the accident, location, and damage done to your property and others. If there are any witnesses to the accident, exchange information with them so you area able to get a written statement.

  • Do Not Admit Fault—It is imperative that you don’t admit fault to the accident. Don’t mention saying “sorry” or apologizing. Do not give anyone other than the police concise details about the accident. Once complete with the police report contact Culver City Legal to get a compassionate experienced attorney by your side to get the best results.

  • Contact Immediately a Personal Injury Lawyer (Culver City Legal) – Contact Culver City Legal to speak to an expert attorney about your case free of charge. If they are unable to recover compensation for your damages, you will not pay! Let Culver City Legal use proven expert strategies to help you get the settlement you deserve.

When can a person sue for an injury caused by an accident?

The first step is to determine who is the responsible party for the injuries you have sustained in the accident. Personal injury claims usually have multiple parties who are responsible for injuries sustained. An experienced attorney at Culver City legal will have the resources to dissect and investigate your accident and discover all the negligent parties responsible for the injuries you have sustained.

If you have been injured, the following are possible parties liable for your injuries:

  • Negligent Vehicle Driver

  • Automobile Owners

  • Employers

  • Manufacturers

  • Property Owner

  • Government Entities

  • Repair Services Company

Culver City Legal delivers results to our clients and our experienced team has the dedication to deliver. Clients are treated as family and given the best possible service being available 24/7. Our priority is to take care of all your concerns, so our clients can primarily focus on recovery.

Providing Winning Results for Our Clients:

Culver City Legal Personal Injury Attorneys have the necessary experience to aide our clients through the complex legal process following an unexpected accident. Our dedicated team discovers and documents all the facts of the case along with pictures, medical reports, police reports of all the injuries, damages, pain, and suffering arising from your accident. Our experienced lawyer will interview witnesses and hire experts if necessary to help recover the best possible outcome for our beloved clients. Although some injuries don’t seem to be serious initially, in certain instances they may turn out to be, which can cause unexpected medical bills. It is imperative you reach out to Culver City Legal to discuss your accident so we can asses your case and help you get back on the path of recovery.

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