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Personal Injury

At Culver City Legal, we assess a variety of personal injury cases. Our experienced staff will personally help you handle your claim every step of the way and assist you in recovering the compensation you deserve. We have experience in a vast range of personal injury claims, helping ensure you have a reliable experienced attorney by your side.

Personal Injury

Auto Accidents

Whether you are in involved in accident with automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, plane resulting from another party’s negligence causing injury, it is essential to have a committed personal injury attorney from Culver City Legal to pursue the claim on your behalf and represent your interests.

Auto Accident

Rideshare Accidents

We offer a contingency fee arrangement for business litigation, allowing businesses to receive legal representation without shouldering the costs up front. With a contingency fee arrangement, we carry the costs of litigation initially and accept a percentage of the settlement as payment.

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